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June 8th – August 21st 2020

Day Camp Program for Ages 5 – 15

The 4 Star Summer Camp Tennis Program is a carefully designed and implemented approach to the game of tennis. Our overall goal in the day camp is to teach tennis for a lifetime of enjoyment and exercise. We use sophisticated teaching techniques to analyze and develop strokes. Proper practice and drilling techniques are demonstrated while basic and advanced strategy is taught by on-court demonstration. Our small student/instructor ratio guarantees individual attention and evaluation.

Tiny Tots

Ages 5 – 6  9am – 12pm only   Red Ball only. Mornings only.

4 Star Kids

Ages 10 and under  9am – 12pm, 12 – 3pm or 9am – 3pm   Modified balls are used (red, orange, green).

Beginner – Intermediate

9am – 12pm, 12 – 3pm or 9am – 3pm  At the Beginner-Intermediate level, the camp’s goals are to teach boys and girls ages 11-13 the basic tennis skills and strategies in a fun, encouraging and enthusiastic environment. Emphasis is placed on developing tennis skills along with confidence and a positive attitude.

Developing Tournament Players

9am – 12pm, 12 – 3pm or 9am – 3pm  An intensive tennis program for Intermediate and Advanced boys and girls ages 10-13. The training is devoted to instructional sessions on court, physical conditioning to develop strength and speed, extensive drilling to sharpen all strokes, and competitive play.

Afternoon Players Programs

Offered Monday – Friday, 3pm – 6pm, June 8th – August 21st

Young Tournament Players

This program is comprised of competitive juniors ages 10-13, along with those interested in participation in tournaments. Classes will emphasize drills, match play, mental toughness and physical fitness. The goal of this program is to take already competitive juniors and fine-tune their playing skills.

High School Players Program

This program consists primarily of players who are currently on their High School Varsity team along with players would would like to improve their tennis skills,ages 13 – 18. The emphasis is on consistency of strokes, match play, and strategy with structured drills to enhance footwork and conditioning.

Invitational Players Program

This program is limited to juniors who are ranked top 75 in the USTA/Mid-Atlantic Section for BG 14s and BG 16s. Players in the BG 12s must be ranked in the top 50. This program is by 4 STAR INVITATION ONLY.


Campers are evaluated by our coaches every Monday morning in order to determine the best placement court for their development.

Session Dates and Times

All camps are available in one-week sessions beginning June 8th and ending August 21st. All camps meet Monday through Friday.  Multi-week discounted packages available.

Day Camp Program
  (5 – 13yrs):   Half Day (9am – 12pm or 12pm – 3pm) and Full Day (9am – 3pm)
Afternoon Players Program:    3pm – 6pm

Week 0:  June 8 – 12
Week 1:  June 15 – 19
Week 2:  June 22 – 26
Week 3:  June 29 – July 2*
Week 4:  July 6 – 10
Week 5:  July 13 – 17
Week 6:  July 20 – 24
Week 7:  July 27 – 31
Week 8:  Aug. 3 – 7
Week 9:  Aug. 10 – 14
Week 10:  Aug. 17 – 21

*Camp will not be held on July 3rd.  The fee for Week 4 is pro-rated.


Half Day Programs (Day Camp & Afternoon Program)

9am – 12pm, 12pm – 3pm, 3pm – 6pm: $280 [member],  $300 [non-member] per week. *Wk. 3 is $224 [member], $240 [non-member].
$1,010 [member], $1,080 [non-member] for 4 Weeks of Half Day
$1,885 [member], $2,020 [non-member] for 8 or More Weeks of  Half Day
Drop In rate of $65 [member], $75 [non-member] for a Half Day (3 hour) session

Full Day Programs (Day Camp only)

9am – 3pm: $465 [member], $490 [non-member] per week. *Wk. 3 is $372 [member], $392 [non-member].
$1,670 [member], $1,790 [non-member] for 4 Weeks of Full Day
$3,310 [member], $3,545 [non-member] for 8 or More Weeks of Full Day
Drop In rate of $115 [member], $130 [non-member] for a Full Day (6 hour) session


If staying for a full-day camp, campers must bring their lunch

Drinks & Snacks

Campers must bring their own water, drinks & snacks and may not share with others.

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